Albany State Student Center

About this project

Albany State University celebrated its newest addition this year, a state-of-the-art student center. EMC Engineering provided professional environmental, surveying and engineering services for this project, working as a sub-consultant for Vincet Pope Architects and GSFIC.

Albany State University is continually growing and the new student center was built to encompass the existing dining hall and replace the Reese Student Union, whose size was considerably smaller than current requirements. The site for the center was approximately 4 acres that was undeveloped, consisting of grassed and landscaped areas and pedestrian walks to provide access to the adjacent buildings and parking lots.

EMC’s Savannah office performed an ESA and GEPA evaluation to determine the environmental conditions of the site prior to design. From there, EMC Albany took the project from start to finish by providing surveying, site engineering, landscape planning and construction phase services for this 55,000 square foot building and all associated improvements.

A boundary, topographical and utility survey was performed for the site to evaluate existing conditions and for use in preparing the site design. Existing utilities were shown as best determined from above ground observations and record drawings furnished to the surveyor.

EMC Albany then prepared a full set of construction drawings which included a demolition plan, site plan, paving and drainage plan, utilities plan and a conceptual and final landscaping plan. Site demolition involved a portion of the existing student center, dumpster pad, parking lot, sidewalks and portions of the storm drainage system. There was limited utility work involved as all existing utilities existed at the current dining hall.

All permits were filed appropriately with City and State authorities. Inspections were performed in accordance with NPDES Monitoring. Water samples were taken and tested as required. Finally, contractor oversight was performed to ensure the project was constructed according to plans and specifications.

The ASU Student Center serves as a student resource center, complete with a lounge, fitness area, student government, food court, game room, multi-purpose rooms, student affairs, administrative offices and support spaces. EMC Engineering (Marbury) has kept a strong presence at the ASU campus spanning over 25 years of service.




November 2, 2011