Glennville GA Streetscape

About this project

On December 6, 2013 a ribbon cutting and celebration was held in downtown Glennville GA to dedicate the long awaited streetscape project. Mayor Roessler proclaimed “Today as a community we celebrate this successful project that offers wider sidewalks, decorative lighting, and a beautiful landscape, creating an attractive environment for our local citizens as well as our current and future businesses.”

Discussion of the project began in 2003 and resulted in the award of a $400,000 HPP Grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation. In 2007 EMC began surveying and master planning a new streetscape design for the four block area along SR 144 that begins at the intersection of Hwy 301 and extends east to Tillman Street. During the process of preparing final construction plans, the City was awarded an additional $300,000 from GDOT in the form of a TE Grant. The extra funding allowed the project to be completed as envisioned with all the bells and whistles, however the different grants complicated the design approval process. EMC successfully divided the construction plans to coincide with the budgets of the two grants, provided required environmental documentation, and navigated through an array of approvals for each set of plans. Fortunately GDOT decided to allow construction to proceed as one unified project.

The streetscape design work was coordinated with the installation of new traffic signal lights, storm drainage improvements, and road resurfacing. Improvements included new brick sidewalks, curb & gutter, trench drains, ornamental lighting, benches, street trees, drip irrigation, and landscaping. The intersections feature stamped concrete crosswalks, handicap ramps, and landscaped islands. Dan Fischer, Registered Landscape Architect of EMC Engineering Services served as the project manager and lead designer. EMC provided survey, master planning, detailed design, and construction phase services for the project which has already sparked the opening of several new businesses and building renovations along the corridor.


May 2, 2014